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The Monsterwatch Project

The Not-Quite-Official
Flathead Monster Data Submission Form

Please participate!

Many credible witnesses have reported sighting unidentified living things in Flathead Lake, going back to at least the 1880s. We have created this sight based on the assumption that there is SOMETHING out there, in an effort to gather data to see if we can develop a more accurate picture of what it might be. Your report is presumed to be as accurate as your memory allows it to be and you can be assured that we will make no effort to debunk or publicize your report.

Privacy Issues

It is NOT necessary to identify yourself when you file a report with the Monsterwatch Project, though it is appreciated if you do so. If you do not want to be contacted by the Monsterwatch Project, please do not include your e-mail address on the Data Submission Form. If you choose to include your e-mail address, you may be contacted by the Monsterwatch Project, for follow-up information. Individual report data will not be released to any third party, though collected data will be summarized and reported periodically at this Web site and may be released to the public through other means. Importantly, your e-mail address (and name, if provided) will NOT be distributed to any third party. Please see our anti-Spam notice, below.

Firsthand sightings only, Please...

In an effort to avoid duplicate information (since frequency of sightings is scientifically pertinent), please do not report accounts of monster sightings that you did not personally witness. If you know of individuals who have seen the monster, please encourage them to visit monsterwatch.itgo.com to file a report directly. The only exception to this would be if the witness has passed away, in which case you should complete and submit the Monsterwatch Legend Form rather than the Data Submission Form.

If you have any other questions, please contact Kirk Knestis, at the Monsterwatch Project.

Data Submission

Your best effort at completing each field is appreciated and a guess is better than nothing at all... The more specific you can be, the better, but if the best answer is "none observed" or something like that, please indicate this in the field. Also, please note that you should not press RETURN until you are done with the form. You may TAB or click between fields.


Sighting Situation Information

Name (optional but appreciated)

E-mail (or indicate "Do not contact")

Your hometown

Your profession

Date and time of day of sighting

Weather at time of sighting (sun, clouds, temperature, wind, etc.)

Your location at sighting (in boat, on shore, in car, etc.)

Your distance from monster at sighting (indicate units of measure)

Geographic location of monster at sighting (where on the lake, on shore, etc.)

Duration of time the monster was visible

Number of other witnesses present

Narrative description of the situation

Pictures drawn or photos/video taken of the sighting

Description of the Monster

Color (or colors, compare to common objects if possible)

Size (include units of measure)

Texture (roughness, pattern, distinguishing marks)

Sound (if any)

Eyes (size, shape, color, location)

Nostrils (location, shape, number)

Mouth and/or teeth (location, shape, distinguishing features)

Appendages (fins, flippers, legs, tail)

Movement (motion, speed, direction, wake)

Additional detail description of the monster (shape of head, lumps, etc.)

How did you hear about Monsterwatch?

When the form has been completed, please click "submit", below


Anti-spam Statement: Your name, contact information and/or e-mail address, if provided to or acquired by Monsterwatch, will not be distributed to any third party for any reason, without your express permission. Further, Monsterwatch does not endorse the blanket mailing of unsolicited e-mail about Monsterwatch to individuals who have not, by their solicitation of information about the Flathead Monster, Flathead Lake or cryptozoology, demonstrated that they are likely to be interested in the Monsterwatch Project or its findings.

Please, help fight spam.

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Last updated 10 July 2000